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How do you choose new wines?  Unless I’m at a winery I find that I’m less adventurous with my wine selections and I tend to stick with my old faithfuls.  For one, my eyes gloss over looking at all the hundreds of bottles on the store shelves, and I also don’t want to waste money on something that I might not enjoy.

I recently met the masterminds behind the super cool wine recommendation engine They’re everyday wine drinkers like we are and they wanted to help consumers demystify the wine buying process (can I get an “Amen!”).  I tried out their search engine (think Pandora for wine).  I plugged in three of my favorite wines (or you can simply type in “red” or “white”) and it populated three new wines for me to try.   Can’t wait to try them! just launched their beta and are super eager to have as many people try them out as possible. 

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