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My Name is Christine and I’m the mother of a teenage girl.

It’s official.  At 2:47pm today, the last 13 years of my life flashed before my eyes as my once baby girl morphed into a teenager.

I’m not exactly sure how it all happened.  One minute she’s on the boob, then crawling, then running away ripping off her diaper in the most public of places (I still kick myself for not catching it on video!).  Then kindergarten, then week long hikes in the Sierras with daddy, bouts with mean girls and now junior high school & an obsession with Sephora.  She’s blossomed into a confident girl who is very comfortable in her own skin.  And for that I am SO grateful!  Trinity is my daughter, at times my confidant, and always my pride and joy.  (Yes, I’ve had a little wine.  Just a little, I swear….)

We’ve always empowered our daughters to speak their minds (respectfully) and question authority when necessary.  Although at times they need reminding that they’re not supposed to question MY authority (ahem)…. 😉  they are still good girls.   It’s an  amazing thing to know that your girls can take care of themselves, in a positive way.  The teen has become a master at conflict resolution (remember those mean girls?  Yeah, they all want to be her friend now…) and holding her ground and not compromising her core values.  She just gets it.  She gets it like some adults I know DON’T get it (& probably never will).  And I’m totally fine with taking full credit for that BTW, although Pork Chop could seriously win Dad of the Year.  I won’t let him “up” me so that will never happen, but I’m just sayin…

I have a tissue in hand and just want to share a few words before I kill this bottle of wine in mourning of the true teen years to come:

Trinity, I want you to know that you are loved beyond imagination.  I believe in you, I trust you and I could never be more proud of the young lady that you are.  You have a special talent with words, both written and spoken and that will take you as far as you allow it to.  I cherish our “girlie time” together and I love all our talks.  You’re inspiring with your passion about doing the right thing, about equal rights and treating others with kindness and respect.  You are honest and beautiful.  You are your sister’s mentor and protector.  And you will always be our baby girl.

Furthermore, if you EVER get caught doing half of the things I did at your age you will be grounded until college!

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