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OMG they are talking about us!

OMG feature on KNBC LA – Virtual Wine Therapy Good for Your Health!

You may have noticed all the media attention around moms and secret addictions.  It truly is a very serious issue.  Unfortunately the recent stories that are hitting the press aren’t giving us moms as much kudos as they are bringing light the self destruction that can occur & result in addiction issues.  The damn can only hold so much water…

When reading these pieces and watching the news clips, I don’t feel as though enough attention is placed on validating all that we mothers do, rather focus on the negative.  That is, however, how the media ball bounces.  But we can take this for what the media intended; to be aware that there are women out there who suffer in silence.  And for that I hope each and everyone of you do one thing just for you today and everyday; something that honors you & allows you some inner peace and quiet for even just a moment.  We all need to unwind, decompress, ground and recharge so we can be the best we can be for ourselves and for our families.  I strongly believe that doing so will lead by example and teach our children to do the same, perhaps breaking the cycles of potential self destruction that so many of us are personally connected to.

On a positive note, I was quoted in a recent article that AOL published on titled “Moms and Drinking: Secret After Hours Addictions of Working Mothers”. It’s a great article and the writer did a great job of portraying OMG and my purpose for the group.  Following that written piece, KNBC in LA ran a segment on the 11pm news Monday night and featured OMG!  An addiction specialist MD was interviewed and he noted that groups like OMG wine are like “virtual therapy” and considered good for your health.  Thanks, doc!   I know I always feel better knowing I can share my day to day without worrying about judgment, because my OMG sisters have been there and done that!  You can view this original clip (above) from KNBC, which has been redistributed to its NBC affiliates internationally 

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